Podiatrists are experts in diagnosing and managing foot and ankle injuries and problems. Physical activity is important, and we believe foot pain should not hold you back from the activity that is important to you.Whether your foot pain is keeping you from a PB or you want to be able to walk for your morning paper, we are committed to getting you back on your feet.

We have a strong interest in MSK and Sports Podiatry, with experience treating athletes of all levels from beginners and weekend warriors to elite marathon and trail runners, skiers and premiership footballers.

We see all kinds of foot pathologies and injuries including, but not limited to: achilles tendinopathy; shin splints/MTSS; heel pain/ plantar fasciitis; tibialis posterior tendon dysfunction (PTTD)/ adult acquired flatfoot; peroneal tendinopathy foot arthritis; Morton’s neuroma; ingrown toenails.

We strive to provide a complete, personalised package of care for each patient.  We strive to understand you and your lifestyle, to make an accurate diagnosis using the latest technology and design a treatment and rehab programme to help you get back to your peak.

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