Get your feet ready for the slopes!

Originally posted on the Betafeet Podiatry blog

Winter can be hard on our feet, and most skiers and snowboarders have experienced foot pain or cold feet at some point.  We believe that painful or cold feet need not stop you enjoying your ski or snowboarding trip this winter. 

 Our expert podiatrists at Betafeet Podiatry (  have a wealth of experience dealing with ski and snowboard foot complaints and boot fitting issues. Matt at Tring clinic and worked as ski boot fitter and instructor prior to qualifying as a podiatrist, working with skiers and snowboarders from beginners to professional athletes and instructors.  We can offer a comprehensive assessment of your foot problem and then advise on boot modifications or changes as needed, and provide you with custom made orthoses (insoles) and boot liners to ensure you get the most out of your ski or snowboard trip in terms of comfort and performance.  We can even fit rechargeable heaters to your boots.

We are able to deal with foot pain, fitting issues and cold toes and are well connected with the ski industry should you require advice on new boots.

An assessment will take around 45 minutes and costs £75. First we will take a medical history and assess your level of performance and problems experienced. Next we will discuss your goals and aspirations in your skiing/boarding. We will check the fit and suitability of your boots, and advise on necessary modifications, changes and orthotic/insole options. 

Insoles range from £85 (prefabricated) to £350 (fully custom) and custom liners are from £250. Boot heaters start from £100.  A follow up appointment will be required to fit insoles, liners and heaters.

Call 01442 822 990 to book your ski or snowboard foot/boot consultation.

You can then enjoy the slopes in comfort as well as the après-ski!

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